Family Program

For decades Mike Watkins has been training K9's to partner with our Peace Officers His Intense Law Enforcement Program has helped developed a program that gives you, your family and your home the same protection as our Peace Officers.

Our dogs are trained to respond anywhere, anytime to any threats. As the most common threat today (home invasion and armed robbery) it is essential to have a dog prepared to respond to any type of threat. Our K9's, are taught to respond to passive threats (the threat before it becomes aggressive) as well as aggressive threats. It is just as important, maybe more so, for the dog to be able to access and stop the threat before it becomes a violent threat ( home invasion usually comes with violence). Mike Watkins K9's are trained to go from passive companion to protector. You will have the protection needed and a loyal loving member of the family.

You can sleep easy at night knowing your family has a protector.