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Mike Watkins proudly serves customers in Cuyahoga County, OH with K9 Sales . We Specialize in Police K9's, Detection K9's, Personal Protection, Basic Obedience and Problem Solving.

  • We Provide Police, Detection, and Military K9’s
  • We provide, Family Protection and Executive Protection
  • We provide Personal Protection, Shutzhund Titled, Obedience Trained K9’s and Puppies
  • We sell only top quality and proven Equipment
  • We have tailor made programs and training to fit all your needs
  • We import Top Quality working dogs and pups from Europe
  • We deal honestly, ethically, and professionally

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About Cuyahoga County

Cuyahoga County (/ka.h/ or /ka.ho/) is a large urban county located in the northeastern part of the U.S. state of Ohio. It is situated on the southern shore of Lake Erie, across the U.S.-Canada maritime border. As of the 2020 census, its population was 1,264,817, making it the second-most-populous county in the state.

The county seat and largest city is Cleveland. The county is bisected by the Cuyahoga River, after which it was named. "Cuyahoga" is an Iroquoian word meaning "crooked river". Cuyahoga County is the core of the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area and of the ClevelandAkronCanton combined statistical area.

The land that became Cuyahoga County was previously part of the French colony of Canada (New France), which was ceded in 1763 to Great Britain and renamed Province of Quebec. In the early 1790s, the land became part of the Connecticut Western Reserve in the Northwest Territory, and it was purchased by the Connecticut Land Company in 1795. Cleveland was established one year later by General Moses Cleaveland near the mouth of the Cuyahoga River.
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