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Mike Watkins proudly serves customers in Olmsted Falls, OH with Canine Sales . We Specialize in Police K9's, Detection K9's, Personal Protection, Basic Obedience and Problem Solving.

  • We Provide Police, Detection, and Military K9’s
  • We provide, Family Protection and Executive Protection
  • We provide Personal Protection, Shutzhund Titled, Obedience Trained K9’s and Puppies
  • We sell only top quality and proven Equipment
  • We have tailor made programs and training to fit all your needs
  • We import Top Quality working dogs and pups from Europe
  • We deal honestly, ethically, and professionally

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About Olmsted Falls

After the discovery of the New World, the land that became Olmsted Falls was originally part of the French colony of Canada (New France), which was ceded in 1763 to Great Britain and renamed Province of Quebec. In the late 18th century the land became part of the Connecticut Western Reserve in the Northwest Territory, then was purchased by the Connecticut Land Company in 1795.

In 1806, the vast tract of land comprising present-day Olmsted Falls, North Olmsted, and Olmsted Township was purchased for $30,000 by Aaron Olmstead, a wealthy sea captain.While he sold off portions of the land which eventually became known as Kingston, Aaron Olmsted named the new town as Olmsted in honor of his brother Charles one of the original lands purchasers. The land was part of a vast trek ceded to the State of Connecticut after the Revolutionary War in payment for residents whose properties had been burned during the Revolutionary War. Some of those lands became known as the Firelands part of the western reserve lands of Connecticut.

Olmsted Falls was farmed in 1814 by James Geer who eventually build a home the following year about where the CSX Railroad now crosses State Route 252 or Columbia Road. That portion was known as Westview after Calvin and Lmul Hoadley built a mill on the Rocky River in West View.

The whole tract purchased by Aaron Olmsted and others included portions of what is now North Olmsted, North Ridgeville and Middleburgh.
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