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Mike Watkins proudly serves customers in Amherst, OH with Canine Sales . We Specialize in Police K9's, Detection K9's, Personal Protection, Basic Obedience and Problem Solving.

  • We Provide Police, Detection, and Military K9’s
  • We provide, Family Protection and Executive Protection
  • We provide Personal Protection, Shutzhund Titled, Obedience Trained K9’s and Puppies
  • We sell only top quality and proven Equipment
  • We have tailor made programs and training to fit all your needs
  • We import Top Quality working dogs and pups from Europe
  • We deal honestly, ethically, and professionally

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About Amherst

Amherst (/mhrst/) is a city in Lorain County, Ohio, United States. It is located 28 miles (45km) west of Cleveland. The population was 12,021 at the 2010 census.

The village is often said to have had its beginnings as early as 1812, because land which was settled by pioneer Jacob Shupe, in the "Beaver Creek Settlement" (about a mile north of the later village site), was eventually (at a much later time) included into the Amherst city-limits. However, the actual original Josiah Harris village-plat did not encompass Shupe's site (although Shupe's pioneering efforts within the township, which included constructing his own grist-mill/saw-mill and distillery, certainly added to the area's desirability for later pioneers to settle here).By the latter 1800's, Amherst acquired the title Sandstone Center of the World.[A]Many early buildings are constructed of native sandstone, and the quarries were also an important source of grindstones. There were nine sandstone quarries in the area operating at the peak of production. Cleveland Quarries Company, established in 1868, no longer quarries in Amherst but is still actively quarrying Berea Sandstone.

Amherst possesses a humid continental climate (Kppen climate classification Dfa) typical of much of the Central United States, with very warm to hot, humid summers and cold winters with moderate snow.

Amherst is located in Hardiness Zone 6a/6b.[13] A recent trend since the Hardiness rezoning is the discovery that certain tropical plants like the Needle Palm, Chinese Windmill Palm and Fiber Banana trees can grow in Amherst with some protection.
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