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The success of our company is based on quality products, prompt service, and referrals from satisfied clients. We're committed to our clients. Whether you are military, police, or pet owner our 100% dedication is to you. We are active in our community, loyal to all K9 Teams, and will meet all your K9 needs. Universal K9 is an OPOTA (Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy) Approved Academy. Our trainers work side by side with Police Departments and Sheriffs Offices. We offer training specifically to meet all your needs. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to training any dog. Our trainers will take the time to evaluate your needs and plan accordingly.


Mike Watkins: Master Trainer

Mike Watkins

About Mike:
Mike began training dogs as soon as he could walk.

In 1985 He graduated a Master Trainer program at the top of his class.

In 1986 He started working with Police K9s specifically for K9 Problem Solving.

He has competed in different Dog Sports and titled dogs to their highest level

He continues to study the best training methods

Mike is an OPOTA Certified K9 Trainer and his training Program is approved by OPOTA.
(Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy)

In 2011 Mike become an OPOTA Certified Bomb Dog Handler for LCSO

He has studied and trained with

THE FEDERAL POLICE OF BRAZIL, THE SPECIAL FORCES and Numerous POLICE K9 trainers in The United States, The Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

In 2007 Mike started training for the Lorain County Sheriff's Office. He started problem solving for K9s that were currently at the Sheriff's Office. He donated a great deal of his time to the program. He made the LCSO K9 program his top priority. Currently, all the K9's and K9 officers working at the Sheriff's Office have been trained by Mike. He dedicates his time and knowledge to make sure the K9 and officer become the best team they can be. Each team is unique and his training allows for that. Mike stands by his training and his K9's.